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Repairing the damaged windows of your car may seem like a simple task, especially nowadays, when all the information you may need to do it is just one click away, however, it’s fundamental to recognize that although some of us may have some repairing skills and enjoy a good challenge, there are limits.

Auto glass repair is only for professionals because it requires a set of skills that you only acquire through education, practice and experience, and a Youtube video won’t give you all of them.

Here are three of the main reasons why you should hire professional auto glass repair services instead of doing it yourself:

Reason #1: It’s Dangerous

In many occasions, drivers don’t think that replacing your car windows or cracked windshields may be dangerous, but the fact is that it is! Replacing a window requires handling glass all the time and if you are not careful or any accidental slipping happen, glass can seriously harm you or anyone.

Reason #2: Glass Repair Kits Don’t Work

You may have already seen that in specialized markets sometimes they sell auto glass repair kits promising you immediate wonderful results, however, the results are never what they promise.

And no, this is not because you didn’t apply it correctly, this is simply because glass repair kits don’t work. They’re just trying to sell you the idea that you could save some money by doing it yourself, but eventually you will have to invest in a professional repair.

Reason #3: Video Guides Are Not Reliable

As we previously said, these days we can find all the information we need on the internet and a growing number of people are relying more on that information than on professional advice. Such is the case of online tutorials.

There are many guides out there from so-called professionals who try to guide you through the repair process and encourage you to do it yourself and oftentimes you end up with spending more money than you were contemplating and also you end up frustrated.

These are some of the many reasons why DIY auto glass repair doesn’t really work, instead we encourage you to visit a professional.

At Mobile Safe Glass, we have been providing auto glass repairs in Los Angeles for many years and have the necessary skills, training and experience to provide you with excellent service at affordable prices and the best of all, we repair it at your address for your convenience.


Contact us today to get a quote!

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Orange County Auto Glass Repair

At Mobile Safe Glass, we are experts in auto glass replacement and crack windshield repair, and we’re proud to say, we are the best Orange County glass repair company!

Learn more about what makes us stand out from our competitors:

  1. Professionalism

We are highly experienced in auto glass repair. We have been providing auto glass repair services in Orange County and Los Angeles since 1999. We understand the struggle of having to deal with a broken or damaged windshield, that is why our process is specifically designed to make the repair process easy for YOU.

  1. Free & quick estimate

Many companies take days in giving you an estimate, but not us. We put at your disposal several ways to get an estimate, you can either call our friendly 24/7 call center at (714) 610-7590, send us an email at [email protected], send us a message through our online form, text us for a quick estimate at (562) 965-9982, or visit us at our office!

  1. We offer only high quality materials

Whether you decide to go for generic, factory equivalent or OEM glass, we provide only the highest quality materials in the market. Our over 18 years of experience in the market, allows us to offer the highest quality products for auto glass replacement.

  1. Fast service

Our repair process is specifically designed to make it easy for you to repair your windshield with the minimum effort from your end. Simply give us a call at any time of the day and our technicians will go to your address to do the work.

  1. First-rate technicians

Our professional and skilled technicians are always ready to visit you and repair your car at your specified address instead of you having to drive to the shop. They are highly trained and able to complete even the most challenging Orange County auto glass replacement, offering unprecedented customer service.

At Mobile Auto Glass Repair, our #1 priority is to make sure all your auto glass repair needs are covered so you can go back to driving your car in no time. Contact us today and get your FREE estimate!

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Generic Windshields

Let’s face it, some accidents are unavoidable no matter how prepared you think you are, and this is particularly the case of windshield accidents.

An unexpected rock on the pavement, a kid playing baseball in his yard, a car crash or even a robbery are all situations that can possibly lead to severe damage to your car’s windshield, and when these situations occur, there is just one thing that you can do to solve the issue: to get your windshield repair or replaced.

However, when it comes to windshields, there are a couple of options in the market to chose from, but before deciding to go for one type of windshield or another, we suggest you to do a little research to learn about the differences of materials and the benefits of each.

At Mobile Safe Glass, we have been providing auto glass replacement and car windshield repair services in Orange County since 1999, and because we care about your safety and your economy we’ve come up with a list of comparative features between OEM and generic windshields.

  1. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufactured

OEM windshields are identical to the factory installed windshield of your car when it was manufactured. Although OEM glass may be manufacture by a company other than the one that built your car, the glass is manufactured by your car maker’s very specific set of regulations, which results in high quality glass.

  1. Generic Glass is… not bad…

Although many things are said against generic windshields, they are not necessarily “bad”, however, the quality of the glass may be compromised during the manufacturing process because the companies who create them do not have a contract with the company who manufactured your car, which results in lower quality windshields which are more prone to damage, plus, safety is not really guaranteed.

  1. OEM glass = Perfect Fit

By using OEM glass you can rest assured that the glass you bought will fit perfectly on your car’s windshield. This type of equipment is made specifically for your car’s brand and model, so there is no question that it will be a perfect fit.

  1. Generic glass may have defects

As generic auto glass is manufactured by companies that have no contract with the auto makers, they have no commitment with quality, which sometimes doesn’t just affect the quality of the glass itself, but the fitting too, causing the glass to leak air or even water during rainy season!

These are only some of the aspects you need to take into account when choosing the type of glass to repair your windshield. At Mobile Safe Glass, we can provide you with OEM, Factory Equivalent or Generic type of glass for your auto glass repair or replacement.

If you’re looking for auto glass repair or auto glass replacement services in Orange County or Los Angeles, give us a call or text for a quick quote at (562) 965 9982. We are available 24/7 for your convenience!

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